In response to community feedback, the Honolulu Police Department has added more crime categories to the mapping feature on the department’s website.

There are now a total of 15 crime categories available to the public. In addition to property crimes such as burglary, auto theft and vandalism, the website now includes crimes such as arson, assault, homicide and sex crimes.

At a City Council meeting Tuesday morning, Assistant Chief William Axt said “our intent is to provide timely and accurate info (by) briefly giving an overview picture of a community. The icons show where crime is reported — that doesn’t actually mean that’s where the crime occurred — so it’s where the officers are dispatched to.

“We had the community have some say in what they wanted to have provided. We wanted to not only talk to the neighborhood boards and the security watches, but we also wanted to talk and have some input from the advocacy groups for the victims,” he said.

Crime mapping was introduced in 2010 in response to inquiries from neighborhood boards originally about property crimes.