Mom-and-pop fishing and auto shop in Nanakuli being literally ripped off


Gary Wong has worked at A&P Auto Parts and Fishing Supplies since 1979.

It pains him to see the store that he has worked to own being physically ripped off by burglars.

In February, A&P’s front door was pulled off of the hinges by a burglar in a pickup truck who tied a rope to the barred door and drove away. The thief later went inside and stole the cash register.

This week Gary’s store was victimized again, this time by a thief that stole $800.00 worth of fishing reels during store hours. Wong believes the suspect pried open secure display cases while an accomplice distracted the register attendant.

Wong has turned security camera footage of both incidents to police.

“The police got the license plate and the vehicle still nothing.” Wong said of the February burglary.

“The insurance took care of it, but each insurance incident is a $500.00 deductible so that comes out of my pocket.”

Gary and his shop are beloved among many in the community for organizing fishing tournaments on the west side.

Some west side social media community groups have posted to support Gary’s shop to help him recover.

“There are great people in this community who support me and everybody’s been asking are you okay, and can we help, so it’s great.” Wong said.

“One person and bought a reel and said I’ll help you out, they even left a tip so that was nice.” he added.

Gary says people like that help him from getting dismayed about operating in his home town.

Well I grew up in Nanakuli, went to Nanakuli High School, been in the community since 1979 working here.”

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