Moiliili trash mound cleaned up


Earlier this week KHON2 reported about a huge pile of trash that was teeming with rats right outside of an apartment building in Moiliili.

A resident who lives nearby shot video of the rats. KHON2 contacted the city, which then issued a notice of violation. After the KHON2 report aired, the mess is gone!

KHON2 learned the property manager hired a company to remove the trash. So on Thursday we went back out to check on the progress.

Bus riders at this stop off Kapiolani Boulevard and Hausten street tell me the wait on Thursday for the bus wasn’t so bad this time

“I’ve been using this stop for a while and dealing with that smell every day. It’s nice to see that they’re finally doing something about it,” said bus rider Alex Kjaerstid.

The stench came from a mound of trash at this apartment building. At night it was crawling with rats. There is video shot by a nearby resident over the weekend.

KHON2 learned a junk collection company hauled everything away on Wednesday.

“I hold my nose when I walk by sometimes. It looks a lot better now” said Kyle Tuumalo who lives nearby.

“I was happy to see you guys doing a report on it because it was totally needed. So thank you! I said KHON is working” said Jim Kehrer who lives nearby.

The property manager says they’re working to fix the problem. She says they’re looking into things like getting a larger trash container for residents.

The trash is gone but we still saw some rats running around as there are no couches to hide in anymore.

A local pest control company tells me the stream that’s next to the building is a water source for the rodents but getting rid of the bulky items and trash will help alleviate the problem.

KHON2 reached out to the city to ask when they’ll be coming back to check up on the issue. KHON2 will let you know when that happens.

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