Mixed Plate: The Great Adobo Cook-Off


Ono adobo was the goal of seven local restaurants in the first-ever Great Adobo Cook-Off at the Philippine Consulate in Nuuanu Thursday.

“The basic ingredients are vinegar, soy sauce, pepper, pork, chicken, and bay leaf,” said Philippine Consul General Gina Jamoralin.

The classic adobo has a number of set ingredients, but in Hawaii, there are always surprises.

“My uncle taught me from back in the Philippines. The flavors are all there,” said Ron Dalmacio of Shay’s Filipino Cafe.

After the votes were tallied, a veal shank adobo topped the score sheet.

“In the morning, your creativity comes up, and that’s what I came up with,” said Tante Urban of Tante’s Restaurant on Maui.

Urban won a trip to Manila.

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