Mixed Plate: A taste of Italy


This week, KHON2 celebrates the colors and flavors of the Mediterranean!

At one time, the greatest civilizations lay along the Mediterranean. Some of the richest history comes from the far eastern shore of Italy. 

Le ossa sono stata fissate per durare per sempre. The bones were set to last forever, and indeed they have.

The bones of Venice are the wooden logs placed under its palaces centuries ago. Not stone, not metal. Plain wood holds up the city. When timber is robbed of oxygen under water, it calcifies, becoming an impenetrable foundation for the marble and granite it supports.

Venice is actually made up of 118 islands, connected by more than 400 bridges and walkways. With no arable land, nearly everything you see at the local mercato must be brought in from elsewhere. 

Not that Venicians are complaining. The colors and aromas from the farmers’ stalls inspire potential culinary masterpieces.

And oh, did we mention the seafood? “Just a little olive oil in the pan, some garlic, and it’s delicious.”

On the western coast, a different vista arises from the shore.

“When you drive along the coast between sea and sky, the view is amazing. We have to say thanks to God for the amazing beauty for this part of Italy.”

The scent of lemons is everywhere. Amalfians put them in candles, on cushions, on walls, even off bumpers.

Mixed Plate Mediterranean airs Wednesday, Nov. 21, at 9:30 p.m. on KHON2.

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