Mixed Plate: A seafood favorite evolves in Hong Kong


The first settlers in Hong Kong made their livings on, by, and from the sea.

Like Oahu, Hong Kong island has limited space, and when progress pushes construction outward, some sea-based businesses have come to shore.

Not too long ago, local boats such as junks and sampans peddled their daily catch in these waters.

A local favorite was called Under Bridge Spicy Crab.

But development and sanitation concerns shut the floating vendors down, so they relocated to under the freeway in Wan Chai.

Ching Tuen Wong of Under Bridge Spicy Crab says he uses the freshest crab and ingredients, but he’s not apt to give away any recipes.

“That’s what Chinese is all about. They have their own secret recipe,” he said via a translator.

But it’s obvious that besides crab, a major component of his signature dish is garlic – every day, over 500 pounds garlic, he confirms.

Fried with spices and green onion, some customers even take home their leftover garlic to add to their home cooking.

The menu now includes other Cantonese staples, like chicken feet and squilla, a type of mantis shrimp.

But the in-demand dish is always spicy crab, and this specialty doesn’t go for pennies anymore. 

A large crab plate will cost you more than $200.

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