(KYTV/CNN) — The weather’s just right for lot of yard sales in Springfield, Missouri, this weekend, including one with a very special purpose.

Nine-year-old Tristan is raising money through his lemonade stand for a family of his own. It’s to help fund his very own adoption.

Foster mom Donnie Davis got the call four years ago when Tristan’s mother, living a life of prostitution and drug use, left the then five-year-old on the doorstep of a shelter on a 17-degree January day.

But Tristan has a new life now where he feels safe and loved, and thankful for family to call his very own.

He’s hoping for a chance to make it all official with the money he’s raising.

“He’s already a part of our family,” said Davis. “In mine and my husband’s hearts, that’s our son. … He wants to be legally ours.”