Missing for a week, Kauai woman found uninjured


A miraculous rescue on Kauai. A woman reported missing a week ago was found alive in a ravine. She is safe now thanks to some good samaritans that did not ignore a cry for help. 

Erin Trask and her neighbors woke up to the faint cries of a woman calling for help. “Her voice was really weak, not really loud. Kind of a miracle we heard her at all,” said Trask. The voice was coming from the valley behind their homes. “She said she’s really thirsty, can somebody bring me water.” Trask and her neighbors quickly filled a hydroflask with water and headed down a steep ravine. “There’s no way to get down there, it’s overgrown, full of wild pigs. I happen to know a way down the road, like a trail. We were able to find her that way.” 

The neighbors found 40-year-old Emi Oka; hungry and dehydrated, but uninjured. 

“She said she went for a walk and got lost. She didn’t say how; really sweet, I felt so bad for her. She needed help. She was really gracious, drank the whole hydroflask. She was barefoot, her white dress had turned brown. I asked her, how did she survive for so long without water? She said she had been drinking the rain.” The women stayed with Oka until rescue officials arrived. 

“It’s really amazing you know. The chances of survival being missing for that long without anything is really a testament to her will,” said Assistant Chief Bryson Ponce. “In these types of missing persons cases, you know just like in this one – never give up because you never know if the person will still be alive. 

Trask believes she and her neighbors were at the right place at the right time. “It’s really lucky. I think she could have died if we hadn’t heard her. She said she’d been calling for a long time and nobody heard her.” 

Oka was taken to Wilcox Hospital for treatment. Police say she had lost a lot of weight but seemed to be okay. She has been reunited with her family.

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