Military family reunites with dog lost before move to Honolulu


A military family who recently moved to Hawaii without an important piece of their ohana was reunited Thursday.

About a month ago, the Cannon family was transferred from Montana, but before they left, they visited friends in Seattle for a week. That’s when their small dog Pudgy ran away.

They tried to find him before they had to leave, and thanks to the continued help from volunteers from Lost Dogs of Snohomish County, tracker dogs, and a drone, Pudgy was finally found.

He was found trapped, but he was rescued and Maureen Bentley took him in as his foster mother. She couldn’t, however, afford a ticket to fly Pudgy to Honolulu to reunite him with his family, so Alaska Airlines stepped in to help.

“It’s wonderful,” said Bentley. “I just wasn’t sure how quickly we could get it to happen. I pictured him being at my house for months, so this is fantastic.”

Airline personnel escorted the Cannons into the animal quarantine area to reunite with Pudgy.

Aside from a few scratches he got while on the lam, Pudgy is doing great. But he’ll have to stay at the quarantine station until he’s cleared to go home.

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