Michigan beagle gets 5-inch stick removed from nose after 6 months


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WXMI) — A beagle named Rex is okay after a bizarre surgery to remove a five inch stick lodged in his nose… for six months.

“So he was chasing a rabbit and he followed a rabbit into a little wood lot and came out shortly thereafter after acting strange,” the dog’s owner Mark Kovicak explained.

Rex’s nose was bleeding. So being a good pet owner, Kovicak took him to the vet. They flushed his nose and prescribed antibiotics to prevent infection.

But after nearly six months, Rex still had a runny nose and was sneezing non-stop.

That’s when Kovicak and Rex were referred to BluePearl Specialty Medicine.

“He had a very acute or sudden onset of sneezing after running into the woods so therefore a foreign body is highest on our list of possibilities,” Amanda Conkling, DVM, said.

You’d think finding a five inch stick in the small snout of a beagle would be easy, but it was so deep it required the help of Grand Rapid’s only CT scanner for pets to see it.

Rex’s snout is between two and three inches long, but luckily the stick did not damage any soft tissue.

The stick was removed and little Rex went home a happy, finally a healthy dog with a very relieved owner.

Some vets suggest a protective net-guard for dogs that are outdoors a lot to prevent the kind of injuries that Rex had.

Conkling recommends a device like an OutFox Field Guard to prevent foreign objects from entering the nose and ears of your pet.

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