Meet 5-year-old Ryuji Imai, the Internet’s mini Bruce Lee


This kid has millions swooning. 5-million at last count.

He’s only 5 years old but he’s being compared to the master of martial arts, Bruce Lee.

Meet the kid who’s taking the Internet for a spin with his whirling nunchucks and uncanny Bruce Lee mimicry.

Hold onto your nunchucks. Check out this 5-year-old who can mimic Bruce Lee almost to a tee. Watch the late great Lee on the TV behind him.

Ryuji Imai has the scene from “Game of Death” down cold.

“Is this 5-year-old boy the reincarnation of Bruce Lee?” wonders the Internet. “We shall call him…Mini Lee.”

The thing about nunchucks is that if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can do more damage to yourself than to your opponent.

So does this little guy with millions of YouTube views know what he’s doing?

CNN asks Chris Pellitteri, Founder North American Nunchaku Association, “What would you give him as a letter grade?”

“He gets an A-plus. Not only for his skill but for his acting,” Pellitteri replied.

And bonus points for that matching yellow jumpsuit.

When Ryuji made his first TV appearance on a South Korean show, he explained to the host that he wanted to be Bruce Lee. He said he had been watching Bruce Lee movies in the beginning but now his dad was teaching him.

“Definitely a great young martial artist in my book,” Pellitteri said. “But it’s not unheard of to be that good and that clean. It’s not like he’s doing something impossible.”

Tell that to the Internet that’s swooning over the nunchucks wonderboy. His father says the Ellen DeGeneres Show has come calling.

The kid sure has the moves down pat. Maybe he wouldn’t be able to lick Bruce Lee in a fight, but he sure can lick like him.

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