Medical challenges can’t keep couple from celebrating Valentine’s Day


On this Valentine’s Day, one couple is celebrating their love with more than just flowers.

After a scare last month, they say they’re just grateful to be in each other’s arms.

Bob and Eva Trinka have been married for 51 years. They met in San Antonio in 1964 and have two children.

Now, they’re adjusting to changes in their lives. She lives in Kailua and he now lives at a nursing home in town.

Bob Trinka suffered three heart attacks and underwent major heart surgery. He was then diagnosed with a terminal respiratory disease.

“We almost lost him,” Eva Trinka said. “We have been given a second chance to life and that’s all I can say.”

Their marriage has stood the test of time despite the medical challenges they face.

What’s their secret? The Trinkas say respect for each other and their marriage vows.

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