Mayor urges passage of bill to fund rail through property tax


Mayor Kirk Caldwell is pushing the city council to act quickly to fund Honolulu’s rail project.

The Federal Transit Administration says the city needs to come up with $44 million for rail by Nov. 20.

Caldwell is urging the city council to pass a proposal that allows the city to use property taxes to pay for the rail project.

“They should not delay any further. They should move and approve every one of the (resolutions) sent down there. The deadline is today for all resos to be submitted to council, and then to move forward on voting up on those resolutions and Bill 42,” Caldwell said.

The third and final hearing on the bill is scheduled for Oct. 30.

City Council Chairman Ernie Martin is also introducing a resolution that would allow the transfer of general funds from a variety of funds.

That measure is also up for discussion on Oct. 30.

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