Got the blues? Well Maui County does and that’s a good thing. As in the H.M.S.A.’s blue zones. What are those? Well blue zones are a total community effort, involving citizens, work sites, schools, restaurants, and grocery stores. A community can become a blue zone if at least 25% of employees in the area sign a pledge. Those communities also have to earn at least 72 points out of a possible 114 for implementing pledge actions.

The communities embrace nine pillars of success things like purpose and eating until you’re 80% full. We should say Wailuku/Kahullui not the only new blue zones. Others earning that honor are Kapolei/Ewa, Manoa/Mccully and Makiki, Wahiawa up in central Oahu also named and joining Wailuku and Kahului is west Hawaii. So congrats to all those winners, building a healthier Hawaii one neighborhood at a time.

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