Massive sinkhole opens in Kailua


City crews will be out Wednesday to inspect a massive sinkhole in Kailua.

The sinkhole is located on Kanapuu Drive, swallowing up a portion of the sidewalk and causing part of the road to slump.

Cars aren’t being allowed to drive through the area surrounding the sinkhole, but residents living nearby are allowed to walk to their homes.

One man, whose property is just a few feet away from the sinkhole says he’s worried that his home could be affected.

“This is our property and our dream home that we’ve purchased, and to think that something this close could actually damage this property…,” said Ryan Parker, Enchanted Lakes resident. “So I’ve got to call some people to see if this is going to be more extensive than just here.”

A city spokesman says officials are aware of the sinkhole and have put up barriers.

Representatives with the Department of Design and Construction will determine how best to repair it.

Heavy rain caused even more problems across Oahu with rainfall totals reaching up to five inches in some areas.

Over in Waikele, two men were rushed to the hospital after they were injured by falling rocks.

It happened at around 12:45 p.m. on Pakela Street.

Fire officials say three men were loading furniture when the rocks fell.

A rockslide on Kalanianaole Highway in East Oahu forced the state to shut down the highway for several hours.

It was first reported at around 12:45 p.m. about a quarter-mile east of Lanai Lookout.

“I was just shocked there wasn’t a sign earlier that said road out. We were just driving around anyway to see the sights,” said Michael Martin, a visitor from Colorado.

Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Drivers got stuck in traffic in Windward Oahu when flooding prompted closures along Waikane Valley Road and Wailehua Road in Waiahole.

At Kualoa Ranch, tours were postponed until the rain subsided.

In Kailua, a massive sinkhole opened up along Kanapuu Drive.

According to a city spokesman, representatives with the city Department of Design and Construction will be out Wednesday to inspect the sinkhole and determine how best to repair it.

In town, one woman was surprised to find a tree toppled on her car overnight.

Her car was parked on Sheridan Street, just off Kapiolani Boulevard.

“I looked out from my apartment and it was a tree on top of my car,” said Terry Salle. “I was about to go to work. I’m supposed to start at 10 a.m. I had to call in today. I have no ride. Even if I go there, I’m already late.”

City officials closed Honolulu Zoo for the day after constant bursts of rain caused ponding on the walkways.

“We were going to spend five or six hours probably at the zoo,” said Austin Beaus, who was visiting from Utah.

“I was crying just outside the zoo, because we couldn’t get in and we were really excited. That’s my biggest disappointment now,” said Sheerin Beaus.

A decision will be made early Wednesday morning as to whether the zoo will reopen at its normal time of 9 a.m.

In Mapunapuna, many parked vehicles were halfway underwater by midday. Police had to block off access to Kilihau and Ahua streets.

“Right now, I don’t even know if I can get out because the car might die out. That’s the problem,” said business owner Danny Chung. “I don’t know. I might chance it and go that way.”

We’re told for the past three weeks, crews cleared the storm drains, but with the high tide, the low-lying area continues to flood.

“Last time my brakes did get rusted because of the flooding, so hopefully they can fix this part soon,” Chung said.

The Waianae coast also got flooded. Rain brought down mud and rocks on the road, making for a difficult commute.

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