Kalihi residents are fed up and want something done. Water seeping from under their road is causing it to sink and they say it’s dangerous. 

They reached out to KHON2 to fix the problem. Residents say there were two attempts to fix the road but within the next couple of days, the problem got even worse.

Residents say they noticed water seeping on Ahonui Street by Hulali Place back in October, causing large potholes. The Board of Water Supply was notified and a crew patched up the road but residents say it was back to the way it was a day later. 

Residents were then told that water was not from a Board of Water Supply pipe.

“Therefore they had referred the matter to the city because it’s now the city’s responsibility they think it’s ground water coming up,” said Hulali Place resident Faye McCoy.

McCoy says the following week, she saw both city and BWS crews inspecting the site. Residents contacted KHON2 back in November and we asked the city about it then and got this statement from a city spokesman:

“DRM (Division of Road Maintenance) will be repairing the pothole this week and will look into whether the source of the subsurface water can be addressed in the near term.” So a crew came back before Thanksgiving.

“And presumably fixed whatever was wrong and patched it over again. The patch gave way the very next day,” said McCoy.

If she sounds frustrated she’s not the only one.

“A kid can get hurt or somebody’s car can get ruined. There’s big potholes, look, that’s crazy, get it fixed,” said Ahonui Street resident Mae Jones.

Residents are puzzled that after three months, the road still isn’t fixed. And they know it will only get worse.

“They’re going back and forth over who’s responsible for this but at this point just get it fixed, you know?” said McCoy. “Pretty soon it’s gonna be one big hole. It’s not fixing itself.”