Masks are still required to enter businesses in Hawaii


Hawaii officials are reminding people that face coverings are still required under state law to enter a business or a public space, especially now with more people leaving their homes, they said masks can help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

It is a new habit to carry a mask or face covering when leaving the house, businesses like Kira Hawaii a boutique at Keawe Retail at our Kakaako, offer disposable masks free of charge for those who may forget them. The owner, Sheri Kira, said they are taking on the cost of the masks in order to help create a safe environment.

Kira said, “It is just to provide an extra service to keep everybody safe and comfortable whether it is ourselves, our staff and customers who come in.” 

Kira said they have not had incidents with customers who refuse to wear face-covering, she said the majority of people have respected the new policy.

It is a similar situation at Eden in Love, co-owner Bryson Dang, said they have signage outside their store explaining the state law. 

Dang said, “We are part of an indoor mall and security is present and there are signs everywhere and I think everybody knows that it is their responsibility to wear a mask.”

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell said it is the people’s duty to wear a mask when being out in public, he said it is for the well being of the employees and customers.

Caldwell said, “If we are going to keep the curve flat, we all need to do our part and that means wearing our mask and physical distance.”

Although working with a mask for an entire shift could be a challenge, Dang said it gets uncomfortable but he sees it as his responsibility.

“My upper lip has sweated a bunch of times, it’s not the most comfortable,” Dang said. “But I think for us we have had many conversations with our staff about it and it’s not just the importance of us wearing it but the perception of us wearing it as a brand, be responsible to be stewards in this community.” 

The latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends people to wear masks when being among others, they also recommend keeping at least six feet apart.

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