Many frustrated by trash pickup delays at Campbell High, military neighborhoods


With garbage piling up for days, viewers brought the problem to our attention via Report It and our Facebook page.

They wanted to know why trash wasn’t getting picked up at Campbell High School and at several military neighborhoods.

An irritated teacher sent us a photo of overflowing garbage at Campbell High School. Vice principal Shayne Greenland said it was finally collected Wednesday night.

“It ended up being about nine dumpsters full of garbage. It looks a lot better. Hopefully they’ll stay on task,” said Greenland.

Rolloffs Hawaii is the trash disposal vendor responsible for collecting trash. It took them three days to take out the trash. Pickup is supposed to happen every day.

Greenland says the school has more than 3,000 students, and 300 faculty and staff.

“Usually when we call them, they get a truck out. I don’t know why they weren’t able to come sooner,” Greenland said. “There was no answer. They just said we’ll get a truck out there as quickly as possible.”

Trash also hasn’t been picked up at Island Palm Communities neighborhoods, like at Schofield Barracks. Some residents said it’s been two weeks.

In a statement, regional general manager Pete Sims said, “We want to reassure our families that our vendor has committed all its company resources to service all our neighborhoods this week.”

We learned through Island Palm Communities that Rolloffs Hawaii lost two trucks due to “load fires” and lost another two trucks to “engine failure,” which is why the company missed a week’s work of regularly scheduled pickups.

We tried reaching out to Rolloffs Hawaii several times, but was told the president, who is the only one authorized to speak on the issue, was gone for the day.

IPC management says trash has been picked up in a third of Island Palm neighborhoods so far, with more pickups expected over the next few days.

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