Manoa house fire “was pretty traumatic,” says tenant


Fire investigators are still looking into what caused this massive fire that ripped through a home in Manoa Tuesday night. One tenant who lives there says she’s thankful to be alive.

“It was pretty traumatic,” said Tamara Ledo, house tenant.

Tamara Ledo has lived in the home since April. She says she smelled the smoke, but didn’t think it was her house on fire.

“I was kind of thinking, OK maybe I should get up and see what it is, and then boom, boom, boom. It was like get out of the house it’s on fire,” said Ledo.

“We had the neighbors pounding on the doors first, who notified the ladies that lived on the other side, and then everyone started to all get out at the same time. So, it was crazy.”

Tamara and her three roommates got out safely and all her belongings were spared as well, but other parts of the house sustained a lot of damage.

“The front of the house is totally charcoal, like very, very burnt,” said Ledo. “The roof of the whole room outside the top floor… There’s some water damage in the dining room area, in our dining room area, so that’s the ceiling. So they’re going to have to repair that too.”

She says the second floor of the home was recently renovated.

She doesn’t know when the house will be fixed. So she’s had to find another place to live.

“It’s been a day, yeah, it’s crazy trying to get through it. It’s going to be one day at a time right now, I guess, for all of us.” 

There’s no word yet on what caused the fire. 

The Honolulu Fire Department recommends checking your smoke alarm to make sure it’s working. 

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