Manoa residents want their rough roads fixed, and some would rather not wait for the city to get around to fixing them. They’re offering to do the work themselves.

It’s an issue that came up recently at the Manoa Neighborhood Board meeting.

State Representative Isaac Choy has been working with the city to make it happen.

“In Manoa some of the potholes that we have, they (the city) fix it and it comes back maybe because of the rain because Manoa rains a lot; so what we really want to do if the City just gives us material, we’ll go ahead and fill those potholes,” said Rep. Choy.

Choy says that volunteers are willing to do the work and he believes that they are capable.

“Oh yeah sure, we are all homeowners we know how to do little fixes,” Choy said. “Manoa is a very very special place we have a lot of community groups that want to volunteer our neighborhood security watch, we have a disaster preparedness group, we have great cooperation from the community policing team.”

But Neighborhood Board Chair Dale Kobayashi said that there may be problems with the proposal.

“People seemed to be a little more concerned about the quality control involved that having individual, amateurs, doing that and there’s been work done by Manoa Road by people who are paid to do it filling potholes and that hasn’t worked out it’s worse than ever,” said Kobayashi.

The problems areas on the roads used most often like Manoa Road and University Avenue.

“I heard a lot of people just talking about how do we know it’s going to be done right, which is probably more of the filling of the holes, and also the need to stop traffic I mean we’re talking about the major thoroughfares with the biggest problem,” said Kobayashi.

The Neighborhood Board said road repair crews should be making their way to fix Manoa roads soon.

Choy said that he didn’t think the community filling potholes would be worse than it is currently. He has reached out to the city and is waiting to hear back from officials.

The spokesperson for the Honolulu mayor’s office said the public can call the city pothole hotline at 768-7777, and potholes will be filled within 48 hours.