Man who drove into crowd reaches plea deal


Malik Morton, who drove into a crowd of people leaving two people hospitalized, reached a plea deal today that reduced his attempted murder charges to assault.

It’s been two years since a vehicle hit a group of people at an Ewa Beach party. Morton was initially charged with first-degree attempted murder and faced a life sentence. With this plea deal, he’ll only serve only 18 months.

Under the plea deal, Morton agreed to plead guilty to one count of assault in the first degree, one count of attempted assault in the first degree, and one count of terroristic threatening.

“Based upon our efforts, the prosecution decided to offer a settlement that we believe was a mutually beneficial agreement. Hence Mr. Morton took responsibility today, pleaded guilty,” said Myles Breiner, Morton’s attorney.

Breiner says that a similar plea deal had been offered a year before, but was declined by prosecutors who counter-offered with a 10-year sentence. Breiner and his counsel had also moved to have the case dismissed.

“Each side recognized there were some problems. After we prepared for trial, we discovered that the police withheld certain information that should have been in the investigation,” said Breiner.

Breiner says the two victims in the incident both agreed to the plea deal. We spoke with one of the victims in the incident, Alisha Brown, about what this plea deal means for her going forward.

She had previously been placed in a coma for two months after she got hit by Morton’s car.

“I’m glad that I’m getting closure and that we’re finally getting to a point where what we’ve been waiting for, for something like this to happen, and it’s been going on too long. It’s been going on too long,” said Brown.

Morton will be sentenced on Oct. 10. By then, he will only have to serve two more months in prison.

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