Man sees wife for first time in decade with bionic eye


ROCHESTER, MN (CNN) — A Minnesota man has been blind for decade, but he is finally able to see the smiles on his family’s faces.

The cameras were rolling as Allen Zderad saw his wife for the first time in ten years. It’s all thanks to those black glasses he is wearing.

Zderad has retinitis pigmentosa. It’s a degenerative condition that has left him unable to see anything but a bright light.

That was before Zderad received an eye implant.

Wires from the implant connect to the glasses, and the camera at the bridge of the nose. The implant bypasses the damaged retina and sends images from the camera directly to the optic nerve.

Zderad can now make out outlines of objects and people.

That means he will be able to see his family again, including his wife, Carmen, and their ten grandchildren.

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