A family vacation to Maui turned bittersweet for a Canadian man after he lost his wedding ring during a trip to the beach.

But thanks for a local diver this story has a happy ending.

“This represents the three waves that actually happened during that time,” said Aaron Thibeault

A tattoo now takes the place where Aaron Thibeault’s wedding ring once sat.

In May of 2015, on a family trip to Maui, Thibeault decided to try his hand at boogie boarding.

“I got hit with a wave and it knocked me down. I got hit with another wave and it actually knocked the ring off my finger and a third wave actually hit me.”

Still upset about the loss–Thibeault was telling his tale to a local when they suggested he call Dave.

“Who’s this Dave guy? He didn’t have a last name or anything like that,” said Thibeault.

After Google-ing Dave, Maui and lost jewelry, he found: Dave Sheldon, a professional metal detective.

“I’m looking for pretty much everything from underwater cameras to prescription sunglasses to any kind of jewelry loss to keys,” explained Dave Sheldon.

Sheldon, who owns Dave’s Metal Detecting, spends his days combing Maui’s beaches and reuniting people with their lost items.

“People think their stuff is gone forever.”

But Sheldon knows what’s lost can be found.

Two weeks ago—almost a year after the trip to Maui— a lifeguard found the rignt.

Since everybody knows Sheldon, the lifeguard called him first.

“If you look inside my ring it actually has my name, my wife’s name and our wedding date.”

For a $60 finders fee—the ring was soon returned with its rightful owner.

“I don’t know if I am ready for a tattoo cover up yet!”

Since Thibeault replaced his ring with one he can never lose, he’s decided to give it a proper place on the other hand.

He’s giving Sheldon a ringing endorsement.

“To anybody out there who ever goes to Maui and forgets to take off their jewelry, call Dave is all I can say!”

Thibeault says he’s planning to return to Maui so he can meet Dave face-to-face.