Man donates tickets to the big game to longtime friend


A Hawaii man will get to see the big game in person thanks to an old friend who’s made it big in Vegas.

Dave Oancea is now known as Vegas Dave.

You may recall two years ago he won $2.5 million after betting on the Royals to win the World Series.

Well his latest jackpot is another $2 million for betting that the Falcons would take the NFC Championship.

Vegas Dave used to live in Hawaii, and he’s paying his good fortune forward.

He’s giving his old friend Dennis an all-expense paid trip for two to the big game.

Dave tells us he chose Dennis because he made some bad decisions, but turned his life around.

“I’ve been following him on social media for a while, and all the family man. He’s turned into and how he’s working hard. He’s always helping other people so I saw that great change in him,” said Vegas Dave.

Vegas Dave tells us he’s got some big bucks riding on the big game. If the Falcons win he’ll win $3 million.

He tells us his secret to winning is hard work and courage to bet big.

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