Man arrested for allegedly harassing two girls near Kaiser High School


Two stranger danger incidents in one morning and both victims are students from Kaiser High School.

It happened Tuesday morning.

The suspect has been caught after the girls identified him for the police. 

It was quite a scare not just for the victims and their families, but others at the school.

The first victim got on the city bus from Kahala Mall.  She told police a man followed her and sat behind her. She texted her mother because he was making her feel uncomfortable.

“I received a text that says mom there’s a guy that’s starting to scare me on the bus and I said go near the bus driver. I said sit near the bus driver,” said Johanna Kelly, the girl’s mother.

She actually changed seats a couple of times because he kept following her, and says he even rubbed her shoulder.

“He was making like I want to be your boyfriend. What school do you go to? And then he actually gave her a necklace as well,” said Kelly.

She got off the bus near the school and thought she’d gotten away from him, until she realized he was still following.

“He walked up the driveway following her and our security noticed and so she came into the office to report it,” Justin Mew, Principal at Kaiser High School.

The other incident happened just a few blocks away from the school. The girl was walking home and she says the suspect grabbed her and tried to kiss her. She pushed him away and got away from him, but she says he followed her all the way to her house.

29-year-old Roy Grant Richmond was arrested and charged with two counts of Harassment. Police caught him at Koko Marina Shopping Center and the victims identified him. 

The school notified parents as well as other schools in the area. 

KHON2 asked Crimestoppers what parents and kids should know if they’re ever in that situation. We’re told it’s actually better to stay on the bus near the driver. 

“The bus driver at that time will make a determination whether or not they’re going to contact police. But at least tell someone. Be mindful that a lot of our buses are equipped with security cameras,” said Sgt. Chris Kim of Crimestoppers.

Richmond made his initial court appearance Thursday morning. He remains in custody, unable to post bail of $1,500. 

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