Makiki residents want severe bulky item pileups on streets gone


HONOLULU (KHON2) – Trash is piling up on on Liholiho street in Makiki, making it difficult for people to walk along the sidewalks.

“We’ve been seeing a lot of people. They come from some place else with their trucks and then they dump all the big items there like bed or sometimes furniture stuff and they just leave,” said Liholiho Street resident Setu Foumai.

“I want our neighborhood to look nice, and that’s why the bulky items were picked up, to make it look nice, and it’s not being done,” said Ray Angle, on-site building manager for the Camelot.

Angle says he’s called the City Department of Environmental Services, or ENV, about two and a half weeks ago to tell them about the pileup next to his building.

Within days, the ENV sent out a crew to check it out. They placed green stickers, saying the items were illegally dumped and whoever put them there needs to remove them.

However, the trash is still there and he says he’s afraid he may eventually get fined for them.

“The word that I’m getting back from the refuse people, the guys with bulky items, is they’re not coming to pick it up, and that scares me because I’m afraid that I’ll get tagged from the Camelot for these bulky items that are here,” said Angle.

The fines for illegal items on the curb is 250-dollars per offense up to 25-hundred dollars. But since the pilot program is new, the City says fines won’t be given out unless you’re found to be a repeat offender.

As for the tagged items, the City and County of Honolulu says:

“The City will send inspectors out to try to determine the source and have the items removed by those who set out the material.”

Timothy Houghton, ENV Deputy Director

If people do find an illegal bulky item pile, the City says to call their refuse center at 768-3200 or the Honolulu Police Department.

As for removing the items, the City says:

Normally, the City will not remove the items.  Removing illegally dumped items is contradictory to the goal of changing behavior.  We want residents to see and learn from the green stickers, which indicate the items are illegally dumped or placed without an appointment.  We will work to educate citizens to make the responsible decision, remove the material and properly dispose of it at a convenience center or transfer station or through an appointment.

Timothy Houghton, ENV Deputy Director

They say there is no set time frame for the City to remove the items.

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