Mainland murder suspect arrested in Waikiki had been hiding out for months


A fugitive wanted for murder in Washington State has been arrested in Waikiki. 

And police think he’s been hiding out in the area for a couple of months.

Sources say Darry Smalley is a known gang member. And the FBI had been investigating the case before he was arrested.

Smalley was arrested around 10:30 Thursday night inside the McDonald’s at Discovery Bay. Witnesses say they knew something big was happening when they saw both HPD officers and FBI agents in the area.

“I just saw a whole bunch of FBI agents, they were just all in vests just standing around,” said witness Joshua Holly.

Washington State Police have a warrant out for Smalley for first degree murder and multiple assaults. The crimes happened in October. 

Workers at the Pacific Ohana Hostel say Smalley had been staying there for the past few weeks. And that FBI agents were there Thursday asking a lot of questions. 

Workers say Smalley had an ID that identified him has Jahaud Washington. Guests at the hostel were unnerved by the news.

“There are bad people everywhere it’s just not the thing you’d expect when you turn up in Honolulu, Waikiki, or Hawaii. You’d just never expect that I’d be confronted with this news,” said Corey Butler who’s staying at the hostel.

Workers and residents in the area say they see Smalley around the hostel regularly riding his skateboard up and down the block. And he’s been around for a couple of months.

A rental company says Smalley also rented a three-wheeled vehicle under the name Jahaud Washington a few times. The first time was back in November.

“Very shocking to think that someone you just see around here skateboarding and just kind of minding his own business when he comes down the street,” said Lindsay Villarmia, who works for the rental company.  “Being up front face to face with him yeah it’s kind of scary kind of shocking.”

Smalley is expected to be extradited back to Washington. 

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