MAKAKILO, Hawaii (KHON2) — The residents of Makakilo said they have noticed unexpected visitors lately. Loose cattle have been roaming the area for weeks, while the owner of the cattle attempts to wrangle the animals and remove them from residential areas.

At least three cows were seen on the yards of Makakilo homeowners on Halloween. Another neighbor said she spotted about 10 cows at the Makakilo community park.

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Resident Carlos Ochoa said, the loose cows have been the talk of the neighborhood.

Ochoa said, “You can see them all up there usually in the afternoon sometimes in the evening, that’s where they hang out.”

Ochoa said he has spotted dozens of cows right from his back deck.

“It’s one of those things that every afternoon or every early morning you hear them mooing for the deck,” Ochoa said. “And it’s pretty neat, you know, I am from Texas so it’s like it reminds me of home.”

Although some neighbors have raised concerns about damage to their properties.

The Hawaii Cattlemen’s Council Managing Director Nicole Galase said the owners of the cattle are aware and are working on mitigating the issue.

“The reason why they are not here doing this interview is because they are still working out there, putting lots of hours in,” Galase said. “They are bringing both supplemental feed and also moving them to greener pasture. They want you to know that they are doing everything that they can.”

The owners and the Hawaii Cattlemen’s Council said the drought in Palehua is causing the cows to move.

Galase said, “When we are in a severe drought condition, when they see water or green grass on the other side, the cattle will try to break that fence.” 

The same owner had an incident in 2015 when a loose cow on Farrington Highway back up traffic. The cow was shot by a HPD officer after it charged at them.

At the time, the owner said someone had cut through the fence.

As for now, Ochoa said he has noticed several ranchers responding quickly to wrangle the cows.

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Ochoa said, “They’ve done a real good job in getting them out of here. It is kind of unfortunate for the rancher, but hey, he is taking accountability and responsibility for it.”