A longtime friend of President Barack Obama is speaking about his purchase of a well-known Waimanalo home.

It’s a story Always Investigating was the first to report two days ago — that the Waimanalo estate made famous in the television show “Magnum P.I.” had been bought by a company tied to Marty Nesbitt, one of Obama’s close friends and a frequent Hawaii golf and travel partner.

The “Pahonu” estate exchanged hands in a $8.7 million sale that recorded Monday.

Obama has spent every Christmas in Hawaii since he was elected, so this purchase has a lot of people wondering about the president’s future plans.

While neighbors and sources familiar with the sale say they’ve been told Obama will stay at the property, Nesbitt responded directly to say he is the sole investor, and now we’re asking who he’ll be having visit or stay at the property.

Nesbitt told Always Investigating Thursday “I bought it” and “I am the sole purchaser and did not have any partners or co-investors in the transaction.”

Nesbitt bought it under entity “Waimanalo Paradise LLC” set up last month.

The woman signing both the deed and the mortgage as manager of the LLC is Judy Grimanis, Nesbitt’s assistant. She previously worked for companies owned by Penny Pritzker, a prominent Obama fundraiser and current U.S. Secretary of Commerce.

Always Investigating asked Nesbitt what the plans are for renovating the aging property, as the mortgage is nearly $1 million more than the sale price of the home, indicating some major reinvestment. He hasn’t yet detailed those plans.

Nesbitt has often traveled and golfed with the president, so we also asked him and the White House if there would be any additional security features in store if Obama plans to visit. A White House press person responded, “We’re not going to have anything for you on this because the president is not party to the transaction.”

Obama has stayed in Kailua over Christmas six times as president. Always Investigating asked the owner of the rental dubbed the “Winter White House” whether Obama has booked there for this Christmas, and he said he could not disclose the information.

Nesbitt also chairs the Barack Obama Foundation, which is expected to decide soon where to locate the presidential library. Chicago, New York and Hawaii are in the running.

Hawaii has proposed a Kakaako location for the library. The University of Hawaii, which submitted the bid, said, “We look forward to hearing from the Barack Obama Foundation and hope to work with them in the near future.”

The library decision could be finalized in a few weeks.