What you need to know if you’re traveling this busy Thanksgiving weekend

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Travel officials say Wednesday is the second busiest day to travel.

The busiest, they say, is Sunday, when everyone returns home or goes back to college after Thanksgiving.

The Transportation Security Administration recommends getting to the terminal at least one hour early for domestic travel and at least two hours for international travel.

Check your flights. We noticed there was a delay to San Francisco, most likely because of the reduced visibility from the wildfire smoke in Paradise, Calif.

TSA tells us they are expecting a lot of people traveling with Thanksgiving food. Remember, dry foods like turkey, bread, or cakes are allowed with a couple of exceptions.

Those exceptions limit what one family would like to carry in with them.

“If you wanted to bring poi, you can’t bring it, because it’s usually in liquid form, but if you freeze it, then it’s solid. I believe they will let it through, but frozen poi, it’s not the same,” said Cindy Ching, who is traveling to Hilo.

“If there’s any jams or jellies, sauces, gravies, those need to be transported in your carry-on bag in a quantity of 100 milliliters, which is 3.4 ounces or less,” said TSA spokeswoman Lorie Jankers. “In terms of the type of container, it doesn’t need to be in a clear container, so what we are interested in with those liquids and sauces is if it’s under the 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters.”

Now let’s talk about parking. At Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, there are 4,850 public parking stalls. Parking at the Terminal 2 parking garage was pretty packed.

The state Department of Transportation says it’s made parking easier for travelers by color-coding each garage. For example, Terminal 2 is in red and the interisland terminal is green.

New signage has also been added that identifies each row, level, and color.

Officials also suggest taking a picture of where you parked to help you remember where to find your car when you return.

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