Water safe to drink, conservation request lifted after main repairs in Nanakuli

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The Board of Water Supply has reconnected a repaired main in Nanakuli and confirmed that the water is safe to drink.

Officials previously asked that residents from Honokai Hale to Waianae continue to use water sparingly and only for necessary uses such as cooking, drinking, and personal hygiene while the reservoirs are being refilled via the repaired main.

The system has since fully recovered and residents are encouraged to return to normal water use.

A BWS paving contractor completed repaving Farrington Highway shortly before 3 a.m. Monday, however crews were waiting for positive test results before reconnecting the main to the BWS system.

Two westbound lanes of the highway remained closed during the morning rush hour to allow crews to disinfect the repaired main, and all lanes of Farrington Highway were reopened at 6:30 a.m. Monday.

The re-opening of lanes also allowed bus service to return to normal.

A 24-inch main broke at around 4:30 p.m. Saturday near Nanakuli Beach Park, forcing the complete closure of Farrington Highway from Piliokahi to Nanakuli avenues.

Vehicles could not turn left onto Farrington Highway from Nanakuli Avenue and were routed through the park.

Officials opened additional emergency bypass roads in West Oahu on Sunday as repairs continued.

Helelua to Lualualei Naval, Lualualei Naval to Hakimo, and Hakimo to Sea Country bypass roads were all opened, and special-duty officers helped redirect traffic to the nearby bypass bridge where only one lane was open in each direction.

Motorists were advised to expect delays and to drive with caution.

“This is like a fire drill, because honestly we need to get these protocols straight so when incidents like that happen, there’s no question, no back and forth debate,  it’s just open up a book, follow the protocol and get out the accurate information,” said Hawaii State Rep. Andria Tupola, (R) Ewa Villages, Ko Olina, Nankuli, Maili.

According to the BWS, the break was on a transmission main that provides the Leeward Coast with about 60 percent of its water supply. The main was not in service while crews made the repair, and water was provided to district customers through other nearby mains.

BWS had to put repairs to the main on hold while repairs were made to a sewer line that was accidentally damaged during the repair process.

Officials say the sewage was contained to the bottom of the trench, below the BWS main, and removed. BWS crews flushed out and disinfected the water main before putting it back into service, according to standard operating procedures for main repairs.

City bus service was impacted by the water main break.

Oahu Transit Services (OTS) reported that buses could not get through the alternate route because of their size. OTS started a shuttle service using smaller Handi-Vans to travel past the impacted area.

Prior to the start of the service, OTS says about 100 people were stranded at Kapolei Transit Center.

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