Waianae wildfire destroys one family’s home

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Turns out farm land wasn’t the only thing destroyed by the weekend’s wildfires in West Oahu. One family says they lost the place they called home.    

Originally from Thailand, the Jairuan family lived and worked on one of of the farm lands. While they lost their home and everything in it, they’re grateful no one was seriously hurt. 

“I’m speechless to see the house burned to the ground,” said Dino Jairuan. 

Jairuan lived with his father in this dwelling that crumbled to the ground. Jairuan says his father was at home at the time of the fire and ran out of the house with nothing but the clothes on his back and no shoes.

Jairuan’s father went back to the house to save chickens and other animals. He also tried to save his home using a water hose but the flames were overwhelming.

“I tried to call my dad he couldn’t pick up the phone I was so worried about him,” said Jairuan. 

The father and son are safe now, but all their belongings were destroyed by the blaze.

“I lost all my things, all my important documents. Especially my pictures, my memories are gone,” said Jairuan. “The first time I got here to Hawaii I remember the first picture I took with my dad when he gave me a lei. I keep that in a picture frame and it’s gone.”

The fire also ravaged their employer’s farm land and about 70-percent of the plants they grew for the landscaping company, and they’re not the only ones who suffered losses.

“The Chinese farmer over there too their warehouse for packing their vegetables were burned in the fire,” he said. 

All the family can do right now is rely on the support of friends and family as they pick up the pieces, but Jairuan is rising above the ashes and staying positive. 

“This happened for a reason. This window is closed and the other one will open. Something will happen, something good will happen,” he said.

Jairuan’s friends have started a fundraiser for the family, to view please click here.

GoFundMe account.

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