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Think you can get away with speeding? HPD's new radar might change your mind

The Honolulu Police Department has a new tool to crack down on speeding.

It means they don't have to be waiting on the side of the road to catch you.

There are now sensors on both the front and back of police cars, so officers will be able to monitor your speed when you are traveling in front of them, behind them, or even coming from the opposite direction.

The new device is a Stalker DSR 2x Radar. With it, officers will no longer have to pull over to measure how fast you were going. They can now monitor speed while they are driving.

"The days of old of being able to speed and then see a police officer and hurry up and brake and think that you are in the clear are I wouldn't say over, but it's going to be declining due to the fact that more cars are going to be having this device installed," said police Officer Jason Mike.

Each system costs $2,500, and HPD got federal grant money to install the devices in 20 police cars.

"All electronic devices have an operating tolerance, but this is a very accurate device," Mike said.

"The main mission is to have people slow down. Speed does kill," said police Cpl. Robert Steiner.

In 2015, police issued 44,777 speeding citations. In 2016, there were 38,115 citations. From January through April of this year, 19,401 citations were issued.

According to the Hawaii State Judiciary, the fine is $5 per mile over the speed limit, plus added fees like drivers education.

"I have actually testified in two court cases," Mike said. "Both were accepted within the court, but at the end of the day, our job isn't our want to cite drivers for speeding. We want to educate drivers and get drivers to slow down and make our roads safer."

The police department is requesting another grant and hopes to install more of these systems in police cars by next year.

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