Tension escalates on Haiku Stairs after trespassing hiker reportedly shot by pellet gun

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What is going to happen to Haiku Stairs?

It’s future — still unknown.

Tensions in the neighborhood are rising.

Kaneohe neighborhood board members were recently told by an officer, that a hiker was shot by a pellet gun following an altercation.

KHON2 checked with HPD and found out an arrest was made but the case has since been closed.

In the shadow of the Haiku stairs, a run in between a hiker and a local resident, ending with an arrest.

Dr. Vernon Ansdell with Friends of Haiku Stairs says he doesn’t condone trespassing, but says the violence that followed this time was unnecessary, “My understanding is that on at least one occasion a hiker was shot with what I was told was an air rifle. To be honest when I first heard about it I was amazed. This is ridiculous. This is incredibly irresponsible to be behaving like that. Somebody could get badly injured or lose their eyesight with things like this.”

According to police, someone was arrested for assault, but the victim has since withdrawn the complaint.

Each month residents express concerns about trespassing, something Kaneohe neighborhood board chair Mo Radke is used to hearing, “I do know that the frustrations of the residents would lead to something like this where there would be an altercation or somebody would ask somebody not to trespass on the property and something like this might happen.”

Radke, along with Dr. Ansdell, support opening the stairs under a managed access plan saying what’s happening now isn’t working.

Radke will speak with more residents about the issue at this week’s neighborhood board meeting, “They are looking for some kind of relief and they’re looking for it where ever they can get it. The board of water supply did do a good thing by exchanging out the security guard for a uniform officer.”

Radke says since special duty police officers have started to patrol the area, trespassing has gone down, but a final solution is still needed.

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