Postal service pledges vigilance as Kauai woman sentenced for drug packages

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A Kauai woman was sentenced Thursday to 10 years in prison for smuggling drugs in the mail.

U.S. postal inspectors tell us they’ve seen a slight increase in people trafficking heroin and opioids, and criminals are always trying to find new ways to smuggle drugs to Hawaii.

In the case of Kauai resident Amanda Bremer, court records say she received two packages in her post office box in Lihue. The shipments were sent from Colorado.

One contained approximately 240 grams of methamphetamine and the other one had heroin.

“I think for Hawaii, it’s unique being an island, but whether it’s smuggled through commercial shipping, on the body, or in the mail, I think it’s fair to say we are one of the key stakeholders in battling drug trafficking, especially when it comes mail,” said Rafael Nunez, U.S. Postal Inspection Service inspector in charge. “They’re very harmful, not only to the people who take it, but the families, how they’re impacted, and it leads to other crimes as well, such as property crimes or some violent crimes. So we’re aware that the opioid epidemic is slightly coming onto Hawaii.”

The U.S Postal Service delivers more than 150 billion pieces of mail every year, and relies on law enforcement agencies to detect parcels that may contain drugs.

Officials say with the increase in packages being mailed during the holiday season, inspectors will be even more vigilant.

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