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Man charged with arson after flames rip through Kapahulu home

HONOLULU (KHON2) - Honolulu police have charged Christopher Paikai with arson after investigators say he intentionally set fire to the Kapahulu home he co-owns. 

Fire officials say when they arrived at the Brokaw Street home on Sunday, a vehicle in the garage was completely up in flames, with the fire reaching the rest of the house.

"I know some of the houses it's relatively close. They have other plants and vegetation that reaches the other houses next to it so I was worried that it might spread," said neighbor Devin Ringor. 

"I was kind of scared you know I have a small daughter and I was thinking maybe there were some people in the house. Luckily there was no one. I know the house is on the market," said another neighbor Karolina Sommer. 

We learned the house is currently in escrow. No one was inside at the time.

By 10:20 a.m. the fire was extinguished and about half an hour later an arrest was made. Police arrested Paikai a short distance away on 4th Avenue. 

No injuries were reported. The total property loss for this incident has been estimated to be $640,000.

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