Pay attention to signs, DNLR doesn’t want a repeat of a deadly 1999 Mother’s Day incident

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The State of Hawaii is begging the public to obey signs when hiking. 

During Kamehameha Day, multiple hikers were cited across the state for trespassing into closed and potentially dangerous areas. 

“15 seconds of terror,” the Department of Land and Natural Resources said that’s how a hiker describes his experience at closed Sacred Falls State Park on Tuesday. 

Six people were cited for trespassing in the area. 

“There’s been throughout the years at the different locations, situations that came up with injuries,” said DOCARE Offifcer Mokahi Dela Cruz. 

A rock slide injured one of the hikers. 

And on the Big Island, officers turned away hikers trying to access White Road Trail over the holiday. 

It’s closed for safety reasons, yet people continue to ignore the signs. 

“Social Media reaches out to everyone around the world, tourists, people moving to the island, so they’re not aware of the conditions and the rules,” said Officer Dela Cruz. 

The Sacred Falls State Park has been closed since the deadly Mother’s Day incident back in 1999—a rock slide left eight people dead and dozens of others hurt. 

The DNLR said that they don’t want a repeat of that terrible day, and the department is begging you to follow the signs or your life may be at risk. 

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