Overpriced bids keep submerged boat in Honolulu Harbor

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A partially submerged boat has been sitting in Honolulu Harbor for nearly three months and people want to know what it’s still doing there.

The 77-foot fishing vessel named Judy K started sinking in January.

The state says it’s looking to hire a contractor to remove the boat.

“It’s been sitting there for months and nothing has been done about it,” said Joe Daniel, who rides his bike past the boat.

Ropes are the only things preventing the boat from sinking to the bottom of Honolulu Harbor.

“It is taking a little bit of time, but the bottom line is, it’s not blocking traffic, it’s not impeding commerce and it’s not hurting the environment,” said Tim Sakahara, Department of Transportation spokesman.

KHON2 asked, “What is taking so long for the removal?”

“There are a lot of factors to be taken into account when dealing with a private vessel like this one, but the main priority is safety and security of the people involved in the process,” said Sakahara.

Another factor is the cost to remove Judy K.

“The prices came in significantly higher than we were expecting in two bids actually, two separate bids. Both cases, they came out well over the $100,000 threshold,” said Sakahara.

The DOT also had to find out who the owner of the boat was.

“Early on, one of the issues was dealing with the ownership. Since then the state has determined that the owner has been deceased, which did complicate matters in finding the right owner and ceasing control,” said Sakahara.

The DOT says it is diligently working to get the vessel removed. But how long will that take?

“Timeline is tough to say exactly when things will happen, but we’re hoping sooner rather than later,” said Sakahara.

When the boat first sank, 50 gallons of diesel fuel spilled into the harbor, but the DOT says the boat is not leaking any oil or gas anymore.

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