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One person dead after officer involved shooting in Waipahu

HONOLULU (KHON2) - What started out as a hit and run escalated into a police shooting that left a Waipahu man dead inside his apartment.

Honolulu Police say 55-year-old Renie Cablay lunged at a police officer twice with a knife before he fired his weapon.

Witnesses say Cablay actually taunted the officer to shoot him, and that officers have been called in to that same apartment before.

HPD says the officer fired three shots inside the apartment on Waipahu Street after Cablay threatened the officer with a serrated knife and ran inside. 

The medical examiner say Cablay suffered wounds to neck and torso.

It was scary, it was shocking. I had the kids too and making sure that everybody was okay," said Darrick Rondolos, who lives in the same apartment complex.

Police say the officer was sent to the address because the man was believed to be a suspect in a hit and run.

Witnesses say police initially caught up with the suspect in the hallway outside the apartment. When the officer told him to stop he took out a knife, faced the officer, and kept walking backwards. He made his way to his second floor apartment where locked himself in.

"The officer backed away and drew his firearm and ordered the man to put the knife down. The man refused and fled to his second floor apartment and refused to exit his apartment," said HPD Chief Susan Ballard.

"The man kept backing up and kept saying shoot me, shoot me, kill me, kill me, and he backed all the way up to his apartment," said Carol Gersaba, who lives in the apartment complex.

Police say they didn't know if anybody else was in the apartment, so they decided to break the door open.

"Fearing that others may have been in the apartment, officers entered the apartment and the male again lunged at the officer at close range. The officer discharged his firearm three times, fatally striking the male," said Chief Ballard.

"They told him drop the knife, but I guess he lunged at them," said Reed Gersaba, who lives in the apartment complex.

"Did you actually see him lunge at the officer?" KHON2 asked.

"Yeah he pushed the knife and they shot him," said Reed.

Police say the suspect was in the apartment by himself.

Sources tell us Cablay had been an adult corrections officer at OCCC for several years. 

Neighbors say police officers have been called to the apartment before.

In September last year, a man barricaded himself in the apartment in a standoff that lasted for several hours. Neighbors say the man had threatened someone with a machete. 

As for Friday night's incident, HPD says it appears the officer did everything by the book.

"The officer, as far as policies and procedures, had the right to go in because fearing for somebody else's safety inside the apartment. We didn't want anything to happen if there was somebody else inside there," said Chief Ballard.

"Definitely they did what they were supposed to do. I feel that it's a good thing that it happened inside than outside where we all were. It could have been much worse," said Carol Gersaba.

The prosecutor's office and the state attorney general will also be reviewing the case.

HPD says the officer has been with the department for five and a half years and has been put on administrative leave, which is standard procedure.

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