NOAA predicts an ‘above normal’ hurricane season

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NOAA announced its outlook for the 2019 Central Pacific hurricane season. They are predicting 5-8 tropical cyclones to either form or crossover into the Central Pacific area, compared to 2018’s prediction of 3-6. The prediction is above a normal season’s average which is 4-5. El Nino conditions will continue through the 2019 hurricane season which usually correlates with a more active hurricane season.

“This outlook reflects the forecast for El Niño to likely continue through the hurricane season. Also, ocean temperatures in the main hurricane formation region are expected to remain above-average, and vertical wind shear is predicted to be weaker-than-average,” said Gerry Bell, Ph.D., NOAA’s lead seasonal hurricane forecaster at the Climate Prediction Center, which collaborated on this outlook. Bell added, “All of these conditions point to an above-normal season.”

Officials stressed the need to be prepared and have supplies. They also warn to review your insurance policies–including whether it includes flood insurance. 

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