New security rules restrict what you can bring into Aloha Stadium

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Aloha Stadium is getting stricter, just in time for the much-anticipated Bruno Mars concerts in November. 

In an effort to keep up with security measures at stadiums across the country, new rules will change what you’re allowed to bring into the stadium. 

“We’ve been pretty lax here. I guess that’s wonderful. We’ve never restricted the number of bags, or size. We’ve allowed large strollers, but we are at that point where we need to be strict,” said Ryan Andrews, Aloha Stadium’s deputy manager.    

Located in Halawa, Aloha Stadium is Hawaii’s largest outdoor arena. 

Bruno Mars is holding three concerts in November, and stadium officials expect over 100,000 people spread over three nights. 

Stadium-goers may only bring one bag into the stadium that cannot exceed 12″ by 6″ by 12″, which Andrews acknowledges is a big change. There was no limit to how many bags spectators were allowed to bring in.

“Each gate will have a box. If your bag fits in the box, you’re eligible to come inside the stadium,” said Andrews.

Stadium-goers are allowed to carry in a blanket, poncho, jacket and seat cushion, and strollers must fit under the seat.

“A lot of fans grumble when they take awhile to get through security. We want to expedite that and get them in as fast as possible.That’s the world we live in today. We go to the airport, we go through security, it’s the reality we have. We try to ensure people are safe when they come here,” Andrews explained. 

In addition, Aloha Stadium will follow inter-league policies by no longer allowing tailgating for high school football games.  

“Tailgating, especially when football season comes along, it’s a big deal for us Hawaii people. We don’t have our own big thing. Our schools and stuff, there’s a lot of people that come here,” said Waianae resident AJ Martinez. “I understand the whole security thing especially with what’s going on in the country. Here I don’t think there’s high risk. But anything can happen, right?”

The new rules will go into effect just in time for the Aug. 10 Open Division high school football games for Kapalama versus Kapolei and Waianae versus Saint Louis.

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