New law would fine people $500 for not picking up after their pets

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Dog owners say it’s messy, unpleasant and downright rude to leave your dog waste on the sidewalk. 

“It’s kind of disgusting if somebody steps on it and there’s no water hose available. It’s worse than littering. You should clean up after your animal,” said dog owner Larry Carrilho.

Pet lover Kristina May said, “It’s like putting a baby’s diaper on the street.”

Yet, many agree it’s a common occurrence.

KHON: “How often do you see people not picking up their animal’s fecal matter and what do you think when you see it?”
“In our neighborhood often…it’s not a good thing,” explained Dwight Synan.

A new proposal is taking aim at pet owners who don’t pick up after their animals. The law would consider it littering and would carry a hefty $500 fine.

KHON: “What about the fine, $500? Do you think that’s fair or a little bit too much?”
“It seems a little high, but as far as enforcing it, I think the fine would have to be high to discourage it in the first place,” explained Carrilho.

“I think $500 is a bit extreme, but I do think people should be liable for their pets because they are part of the family.” said May.

City officials said it would be up to the police to witness the littering and enforce it.

The committee on agriculture will hear the proposal Friday at 8:30 a.m.

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