Maui police officers charged in federal witness tampering case

Local News

Two Maui Police Department officers are facing federal charges after police say they conspired to force a victim to drop his complaint.

Prosecutors say Anthony Maldonado stole $1,800 from the victim during a traffic stop.

When the victim told police what happened, Maldonado tried to pay the victim off.

Prosecutors say another officer, Chase Keliipaakaua, also tried to get the victim to drop his complaint but he refused.

Both officers are charged with conspiracy to commit witness tampering.

Keliipaakaua and Maldonado were arrested by Maui police in Oct. 2015 and were facing state charges of bribery of a witness and hindering prosecution in the first degree.

At the time, Keliipaakaua was released pending further investigation, assigned to desk duties, and an administrative investigation initiated. He was with the department for about six years.

In 2015, Maldonado was also released pending further investigation. He was placed on administrative leave without pay, and was with the department for nearly five years.

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