Makiki residents deal with parking shortage as project drags on

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Patience is wearing thin for some Makiki residents after the delay of a construction project that has taken away dozens of parking spaces in their neighborhood.

The Prospect Street Rock Mitigation Project was supposed to be done in December, but a viewer told us via Report It that the work continues.

The project is supposed to put area residents at ease so they don’t have to worry about falling boulders from the hillside. But while work is going on, no one is allowed to park on the mauka side of the street.

Roughly 40 potential spaces were cut in an area where finding street parking was challenging to begin with, and that has become a source of tension.

“You’ll have strangers parking in our stalls up front sometimes and there’s a little conflict there once in a while,” said resident Lowell James. “People have been leaving notes for each other and things like that. Nothing’s gotten crazy, but you know there’s a little simmering tension there.”

“It’s kind of like a parking war almost around here, like you’ll kind of trade spots or I’ve been like hey, come park your car here because I want to park there later,” said resident Jessica Mallow.

Residents say people come up with creative ways to save a stall, like putting their own no-parking signs in front of their property.

KHON2 pressed the city to find out why work was still being done and for how long. We were told the new completion date is in March, three months after the original deadline.

The city explained the delay is due to redesigning the fence foundations, because when the contractor dug up the ground to lay the foundation, a softer, more sandy type of material was encountered.

According to Mark Yonamine, deputy director of the Department of Design and Construction, the extra work will add another $60,000 to the cost on top of the $956,000 original cost.

Yonamine says residents were actually never supposed to use that side of the street for parking, but the rule was never been enforced.

So people will be allowed to park there again when the project is finished, as long as there are no complaints.

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