Local companies pitch products in hopes of landing military deal

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Local businesses are getting their shot to sell their goods in a bigger market.

Seventy-six companies showcased their products on Tuesday at the annual American Logistics Hawaii Show in Waikiki.

The hope is to get their products sold at military commissaries and exchanges.

Buyers sampled products from Dave’s Hawaiian Ice Cream, the Hawaiian Pie Company, and Ito-En’s new coffee line.

“Theres a lot of great companies here that produce a lot of wonderful foods. They just need an opportunity to understand how to do business with the government, they need to know how to market their product, and they good market strategy,” said Richard Page with Coastal Pacific Food Distributors. “So we connect the buyers at the exchanges with the manufacturers of food products and we have a food show thats been going on for 19 years.”

Last year, military buyers picked nearly 500 local items to be sold in the commissary system and local exchanges.

Products selected on Tuesday will appear on shelves within the next two months.

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