Local Broadway actress fundraises for fans to cool West Oahu school

Local News

Local Tony-Award-nominated Broadway actress Loretta Ables Sayre is spearheading a movement to keep students cool at school.

Sayre has launched a fundraising effort to buy 250 fans for Nanakuli High and Intermediate School.

Sayre mentors performing arts students there and says many kids aren’t able to focus in the heat, so she reached out to her friends on Facebook for help.

“I just decided that instead of talking, I wanted to be solution for it,” Sayre said. “I just can’t stand by watching another day, knowing they’re suffering like this and hopefully down the line they will get funding and they can improve electrical systems and they can get AC, but the kids can’t wait until then, so we need to act on it now and everyone needs to act on it now.”

“It’s been amazing to see the response to Loretta’s request,” said Robin Kitsu, director and instructor for Nanakuli High School Performing Arts Center. “The fans will help to provide a better learning environment for the students. Nanakuli High and Intermediate School is truly grateful to Loretta and everyone who has made a donation so the students can be more productive in the classroom.”

On Tuesday, she and a team of volunteers delivered 50 fans to Nanakuli High and Intermediate School. She hopes to buy 200 more through her fundraising efforts she launched on Facebook.

For daily updates and details on how to donate, visit Ables Sayre’s Facebook page.

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