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Lawmaker caught on home video taking opponent's campaign flyer

HONOLULU (KHON2) - A state lawmaker, who is running for another office, has apologized after home video was released showing him taking a campaign flyer for his opponent.

Rep. Matt LoPresti was caught on camera outside of a home in Ewa Beach on July 15. Video shows him taking a flyer left outside the home by Alicia Maluafiti, who is running for the same state senate seat.

The homeowner, Ellis Harkins, told us he does not want to press charges 

LoPresti said in a statement: 

"Political campaigns can be intense and emotions can cloud otherwise good judgement of even the best people. I sincerely apologize and have deep regret over my having taken some of those flyers. What that video does not show, however, is that the very same day I returned flyers that were taken - and that person's neighbors can attest to me coming back and hand delivering my opponents flyers that same day. I was ashamed of stooping down to the level of those who had been making false statements, stealing my banners, and removing my own flyers for weeks up to that day, but it is still no excuse for me stooping to their level. I strive to hold myself to a higher standard every day in my public and private life. I failed that standard that day, but I immediately tried to make it right and do the honorable thing. We all fail sometimes, my failure was caught on camera, but I've been ashamed of what I had done since the day it happened. I am grateful for this opportunity to come clean and admit my own failures and promise to my family, my friends, and to my community to keep on the high road in the future no matter how negative a campaign gets or how clouded my emotions become."

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