KHON2 anchors receive top honors… for hair

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We had to laugh at this one.

KHON2’s Marisa Yamane has received many awards for her excellence in journalism. Now, she has another award to add to the list.

The Hairry Awards says she has the best hair of all female newscasters in Hawaii.

According to the website:

This graduate of the University of California always reports the news to her audience the same way she wears her hair: straight, stylish, and always at the right volume. Her gorgeous brunette style is a thing to behold, like a 40-foot wave, or a gold-plated ukulele, or….whatever else Hawaii is famous for? Spam, maybe?

Watch her reaction below:

She’s not the only KHON2 anchor to be recognized.

In May, Taizo Braden was recognized as best Hawaii newsman with great hair.

People from around the world come to Hawaii to swim in the pristine beaches, hike the amazing mountains, and gaze upon the beautiful hair of Taizo Braden. But mostly to gaze up on the beautiful hair of Taizo Braden.

Click to view the full list for women and men.

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