Honolulu’s first rail cars unwrapped, train unveiled

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Honolulu’s first rail train was unveiled publicly Monday, a little more than a month after arriving in the islands.

The first four cars arrived at the end of March, but remained wrapped for the move from Honolulu Harbor to the Rail Operations Center near Leeward Community College.

Crews have been working on them ever since.

“Soon we will begin testing the system and the day’s not far away when we start to operate the system and people will enjoy the ride,” said Enrico Fontana, Ansaldo Honolulu managing director.

Each car can carry up to 200 people, which is equivalent to about five city buses.

They’ll have air conditioning, and storage space for wheelchairs, strollers, bikes and even surfboards.

They’ll also have closed circuit television, Wi-Fi and call boxes for emergencies.

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