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Honolulu Police and Homeland Security agents raid massage parlors

HONOLULU (KHON2) - There was a raid Friday night on Oahu. 

Armed with search warrants, Honolulu Police and Homeland Security agents raided three spas at1507 South King Street.

The search warrants were executed at Ace Spa, Golden Spa, and Sun Spa.

The prosecutor's office says, this was part of a months-long investigation. 

Two women were arrested. 

Those people are among eight indicted earlier in the week for charges including criminal conspiracy to promote prostitution, promoting prostitution, prostitution, and ownership or operation of prohibited businesses under the state's organized crime statute.

"As you know this is part of a larger and ongoing effort by the Department of Prosecuting Attorney to crack down on prostitution-related activities here in Honolulu's urban core. Over the last 4 years there have been over a dozen establishments very similar to these that have been the subject of similar operations," said Brooks Baehr of the Department of the Prosecuting Attorney.

About a dozen women were working at the spas that were raided. 

Case workers were on hand to determine if they were victims of human trafficking and to provide them services.

The indictments are the result of an ongoing multi-agency investigation by the Department of the Prosecuting Attorney, the Honolulu Police Department, and the Department of Homeland Investigations into sex trafficking and related activities in Honolulu.

"This action highlights a continuing effort initiated by the Department of the Prosecuting Attorney more than four years ago.  The goal is to remove these seedy establishments from our neighborhoods and identify and assist victims of human trafficking," said Acting Prosecuting Attorney Dwight Nadamoto.  "The arrest of high profile individuals made headlines across the nation recently when so-called massage parlors along the Eastern Seaboard were exposed.  Unfortunately, Hawaii is not immune to this unlawful activity," Nadamoto added.

In recent years the office of the Prosecuting Attorney has led investigations resulting in prostitution related arrests and convictions at more than a dozen illegal businesses in Honolulu's urban core.  

Those businesses include Mayflower, Dream Therapy, Go Go Spa, Empire, VIP, Pink Orchid, Cypress, I Yokohama, Top Spa, Rose's, and China Doll.

"While it takes a considerable amount of time and resources to build a case against these establishments, they are actually operating in plain sight and on some of our busiest streets." Nadamoto said.  They also advertise their services on the internet.

Case workers from the Susannah Wesley Community Center accompanied law enforcement to offer assistance to anyone found at Ace Spa, Golden Spa, or Sun Spa who may be a victim of sex trafficking.  

The Department of the Prosecuting Attorney thanks the Susannah Wesley Community Center for its contribution and Homeland Security Investigations and the Honolulu Police Department for assisting in the investigations and the execution of search and arrest warrants.




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